Polyester and epoxy composites

Since the beginning of the company’s activity, we have been making models and forms for our own needs. 25 years of experience in this field have allowed us to provide services at the highest level. On a client’s request, we make models and forms for the production of laminate products. We can also produce from the models made by us and delivered by a customer. We make both simple one-piece and multi-part forms for complex shapes. In the process of preparing the model, we use CNC digital machines.

In the production of composites, we use the traditional method of manual lamination or vacuum bag technology, i.e. resin infusion. The infusion method gives very good results when it comes to the weight of the product and its strength parameters. It allows you to reduce the resin consumption so that the laminate contains a higher percentage of reinforcement, which is much stiffer and stronger.

In addition to yachts, we also do:

  • Composites of structural resin with marine certificate
  • Laminate made of flame retardant and non-flammable resins, for example, railways and public utility buildings
  • Composites of epoxy resins with glass, carbon or Kevlar reinforcement
  • Laminate made of chemically resistant resins
  • Laminate made of heat-resistant resins
  • And many more according to the client’s wishes
  • Base for attaching the motor and harness to the epoxy-carbon para-glider
  • Elements for vans built as isotherms (door isolation covers) and finishing elements of the cargo space, niches for cooling aggregates
  • Elements for architecture: fronts of the bars for hotels or restaurants, gloriette for arbors, fountain inserts
  • Elements for converting a caravan and a van for a camper van
  • We also made bonnets, fenders and tractor roofs.
  • In addition, we are able to make any laminate product that the client wants.
Translated by Waldek Paszyński