The "Voyager 860"

The ‘VOYAGER 860 yacht is an ideal unit for practicing motorboat family tourism.

The convenience provided by this vessel can not be compared to any other yacht up to 9 m in length and larger. The caboose is equipped with a gas cooker, a sink and a fridge. The bathroom has a toilet, a sink and an optional shower.

The yacht has got 5 very comfortable places to sleep in two cabins. Pretty well even up to 7 people can sleep comfortably. Below the deck is 195 cm high. You do not have to walk bent anywhere. Only above the berth in the aft cabin, there is a lowering to the height of a comfortable sitting position.

Sunbathing areas are located on the roof of the cabin. The bathing platform with a ladder makes it easy to play in the water. The floating is by an outboard 30 HP engine providing a very quiet and economical journey. Fuel consumption with the 30 HP engine is maximum up to 6.5l.

An additional advantage of the ‘Voyager’ is the easiness of transporting it on land. The unloaded yacht weighs only 1,650 kg and its width of 2.55m allows it to be transported with an every car that can pull a trailer of a maximum allowed total weight of 2,500 kg.

The yacht can be equipped with an electric motor which allows it to navigate in quiet zones where boats with internal combustion engines are not allowed to float. With the electric motor of 2 kW, the speed is 7-8 km/h. With four batteries with a capacity of 225 Ah, the flow time with a maximum power is 5hrs.

The yacht has the German Lloyd’s certificate of the category “C”.

Translated by Waldek Paszyński

Technical data

Długość całkowita 8.60 m
Szerokość całkowita 2.55 m
Zanurzenie 0.35m / 0.6 m
Waga ok. 1700 kg
Wysokość wewnątrz 1.95 m
Ilość koi 5
Silnik 10 - 55 KM
Zbiornik paliwa 80l
Zbiornik wody pitnej 120l
Klasa CE C